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2.8M X 4M White Wedding Drape Backdrop Curtain

2.8M X 4M White Wedding Drape Backdrop Curtain
2.8M X 4M White Wedding Drape Backdrop Curtain

This beautiful drape will make that special day even more special.

This wedding white background drape is generous in size – 2.8m in height and 4m in width. It is the ideal enhancement for the bridal table and will create a dreamy backdrop for those special photos. 

This item is contructed of sturdy high-quality polyester that will ensure that the drape remains gorgeous and flawless for the length for the entire celebration. 

Much care is taken in the creation of this wedding backdrop draping panel. The material is hemmed and stitched to ensure its perfection and quality. This panel is flat without gathers and features a sewn-in rod pocket. All you need to do is attach it to your frame.

Any wedding celebration will be enhanced by this gorgeous and dramatic backdrop. 


•    Heavy-duty polyester
•    Features sewn-in rod pocket


•    Dimensions: 2.8 x 4m (H x W)

Package Content:

1 x 2.8M X 4M White Wedding Drape Backdrop Curtain

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