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66cm Multi Butterfly Orchid - Pink

66cm Multi Butterfly Orchid - Pink
66cm Multi Butterfly Orchid - Pink
An extremely life like and carefully put together, this stunning multi butterfly orchid will be the center of attention on your next gathering. Made of high quality silk and plastics that are ROHS compliant, no need to worry about sacrificing your health for this beauty._x000D_ _x000D_ Add colour and style to your interiors with our multi butterfly orchid._x000D_ This life-like plant is made of high quality silk materials to ensure longevity and beauty._x000D_ Nestled in a ceramic white pot that gives freshness to it's overall look._x000D_ This stunning artificial orchid can be easily cleaned via light dusting or using a damp cloth._x000D_ Now, you can have the highly coveted ornamental plants that represents love, luxury and strength without the maintenance.

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1 x 66cm Multi Butterfly Orchid - Pink

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