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40cm Butterfly Orchid- Cream

40cm Butterfly Orchid- Cream
40cm Butterfly Orchid- Cream
Beautiful and delicate, this faux butterfly orchid will absolutely add colour and sophistication to your living space.And with it's high quality materials, this potted plant will surely catch anyone's attention._x000D_ _x000D_ Whether you need to light up your home, office, coffee area,table arrangement or decorating for a wedding party, this stunning dainty butterfly orchid will help you achieve the perfect aesthetics._x000D_ Made of high quality silk materials that are healthy and environmentally friendly._x000D_ You can admire and enjoy this beauty without being worried of it's safety._x000D_ With light dusting and wiping with damp cloth caring for this artificial plant is easier and less time consuming than the real one._x000D_ And with it's life like appearance, you'll think twice if it's faux._x000D_ Also comes in 46cm Butterfly Orchid - White

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1 x 40cm Butterfly Orchid- Cream

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